Vacuomobilization is a process of applying to the skin through precise maneuvers utilizing cup sizes to match the surface of the treated body area.This non-invasive procedure actually stimulates the natural functions of the body and that remains both safe and comfortable while efficient and beneficial on many levels.  This machine will lift up the skin with the aide of the suction.  Applying the vacuum will increase the blood flow at different levels of the skin while simultaneously stretching the connective tissue to allow room for more circulation and relieve congestion due to swelling of fat lobes in the overload areas.  The overall stimulation of the local circulation will generate better at the cell level and increase metabolism to oxygenation, elimination of toxic wastes, and cell rejuvenation.Stretching the connective tissue will loosen the connective fibers ,stimulate the production of collagen, and increase the elastic fibers to achieve more toned, firm skin, improving its physical appearance.

   *Body Contouring: It reduces the appearance of fat overloaded areas of the body, particularly the abdomen, hips, and thighs.

   *Cellulite: It significantly diminishes the dimpled appearance and lumpy irregularities of cellulite.

   *Scars: It can significantly speed up the healing process and improves the aesthetic look of scars and incisions.

   *Pain Management: It stimulates nerve receptors and generates a soothing effect to relieve pain. 

  Depending what areas you want to focus this should be done at once or twice a week to see your results!

  Prebook your treatments:

   1 Treatment for whole body  is $160

   3 Treatments is $450 ($150 ea)

   5 Treatments is $700  ($140 ea)

   9 Treatments is $1,125 (($125 ea)

   Target areas only  once a week:

    1 Treatment is  $140

    5 Treatments is $625 ($125 ea)

    9 Treatments is  $900 ($100 ea)

    This is the latest beauty technology developed in France for facial contouring and lymphatic drainage. Various specialized vacuum techniques lift and sculpt the facial tissues, while simultaneously draining unwanted fluids and toxins from the face with a suction and pumping action that manual facial manipulation can not duplicate. The tissue mobilization provided by this treatment dramatically improves circulation and oxygen flow to the face, neck and under eye area. Increased lymph and vascular flow helps to eliminate toxins, dark circles, puffiness and bags under your eyes.  Collagen and elastin fibers are strengthened to provide a lifting effect. Your skin looks rested, more youthful, more vibrant​!  It is a face lifting and contouring treatment which disperses fluid build-up and generally enhances the skin. The skin feels rejuvenated. This is a safe alternative to surgery (or may compliment surgery) for facial contouring.

pumping action that manual facial manipulation can not duplicate.  Results are instantly visible. For best results we recommend a series of 5 or more. Once you see the results you will want to maintain with a treatment once a month or every other other month​.

  1 Treatments is $175

  3 Treatments is $480 ($160 ea)

  5 Treatments is $750 ($140 ea)

  Add ons: Oxygen Mist  $30 or Tightening Mask $40

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