Colour Image VIP Bliss
This facial is for clients who need more attention to their skin, some TLC, or who haven't had a facial for a very long time. This will be done through a cleanse, advanced exfoliation, steam, extractions, and a specialized masque. Your skin cells with oxygen will be replenished with custom vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in one single treatment. The results will leave your skin feeling plump and invigorated. In addition, you will receive an upper- body, hand, and scalp massage, making you feel fabulous!!!
Time: 90 minutes;  Price: only $175
Colour Image Bliss
This facial is for clients who want an upkeep on their skin ever so often. Custom to what your skin needs, it cleanses out your pores extremely well with exfoliating, steam, and extractions. Plus, you will enjoy a  customized masque. In addition, you will receive a fabulous upper- body and hand massage!!!
Time: 60  minutes; Price: $125
Diamond Facial Treatment
This facial is for clients who want to treat themselves a little special. It resurfaces and polishes the face using a stainless steel wand with crushed Diamond Chips.  It is similar to a Microdermabrasion, done manually and without the mess. It builds new collagen and uneven skintone, lightens age spots, improves any sun damage, and overall brightens the skin! You will love how your skin feels and looks!!!
Time: 60 minutes; Price: $140
Microdermabrasion Facial 
This facial is for those who want to fight the aging process. It gently resurfaces the skin using aluminum oxide crystals that blasts away the top layer skin. This will slow down the aging process, restore youthful appearance, improve sun damage, reduce hyper-pigmentation, and regenerate new cells and collagen. You will receive steam, extractions, a specialized masque, and an upper- body, hand, and scalp massage!
Time: 75 minutes; Price: $150 without facial
Time: 45 minutes; Price: $125 with oxygen
Time: 90 minutes; Price: $200
The Deluxe
This is for those who want the best of both worlds!  Receive a facial and a back massage on the same visit!  Have your face cleansed,exfoliated, and steamed, with extractions optional. In addition, your back muscles will be relaxed, and you will release all of your toxins and stress in a happy environment!  
Time: 90 minutes; Price: $ 170

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